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Construction Boom in New York Leads To Demand For Portable Toilets

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Whether residents like it or not there’s a huge construction boom in New York currently. An estimated 8.9 Billion dollars worth of projects are taking place in the city, with no sign of slowing down. From 2015 to 2016 the city saw an increase of 10% for construction. With this rise, there are more and more crews, which means big business for the portable toilet industry. Helping out in all of this is Rent A Throne portable toilet rental in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. 

In the construction industry, it’s rather important to keep worker morale at a high. Well-constructed portable toilets that are clean are very important to the workers. “You’ll get more complaints about portable toilets than any other situation on the job,” said one construction manager. Because of this, there has been a cutthroat approach to the portable toilet industry in New York. Companies buying out other companies, sabotage of portable toilets, fighting to have the cleanest toilet, the list could go on. Rent A Throne portable toilets are still the best in the industry serving all of New York City's construction locations.


National labor regulations call for at least one portable toilet for every twenty construction-site workers, with some large-scale projects calling for as many as 500 toilets. As you can imagine this means big business for any company trying to get in on the portable toilet pie.

With so much work going on it’s no surprise that there’s been a shortage of portable toilets in the area. Some construction managers even complaining that they’re on back order for portable toilets, waiting for them to be made. Being that there is such a large demand for these toilets, you should rely on a company you trust. Here at Afford-A-Potty, we strive to provide our clients with clean portable toilets on time and in stock. With options for any construction company in any part of the continental United States, we are certain that we can provide you with what you need. 

Rent A Throne Porta Potty The Perfect Construction Site Solution

Rent A Throne Porta Potty The Perfect Construction Site Solution

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