Dumping and pumping tips

Problems and Solutions

Dumping is another key component to your business costs. Be sure to  research all of your dumping options. Some may be more economical than  others. In urban areas, you may have multiple dumping facilities within  your geographic area with varying fees. Carefully plan your routes so  that you are nearest to the dumping facility at the end of the route, or  when you estimate your truck will be full. Mileage and time spent  driving to dumping facilities is another practical cost to consider.  Larger operations get around this problem by keeping large holding tanks  on their facility or installing approved discharge areas.

Learn and comply with all state and local environmental,  health, and EPA laws in your area. Only use treatment chemicals that are  allowed by law. Make sure MSDS forms are current and all deodorant  products used are in compliance with your dumping facility.

Maintaining your pump equipment is a primary concern. Keep  replacement parts available so that breakdowns cause less downtime. When  pumping, your exhaust valve can emit a bad smell that customers may  find offensive. One way to deal with this problem is to use an oil-based  air freshener in your pump. These scent-masking oils are not compatible  with all types of equipment. Be sure to check with your pump  manufacturer before you use them. Or, schedule service when there will  be minimum exposure to people in the area.