Barricades – Buy or Rent. Every Rent A Throne water-filled barricade in New York has been tested, approved, and accepted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA.) Furthermore, they are NCHRP Report 450 (National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350) compliant. All of our water barricades meet established federal and state safety guidelines.

Hosting an event with heavy foot traffic?

On a construction site with an equally flooded work area?

Plastic water-filled barricades are the answer. Larger venues require these water barricades, as well as the majority of construction sites. These barricades are in use for the purpose of assisting traffic, as well as blocking roads and sidewalks.

As a matter of fact, these barricades are New York City requirements on most construction sites. Safety does not take a backseat when it comes to our barricades. You will have consistent peace of mind with our barricades on your premises. In fact, you will be confident in having the best possible product out there on your site. There will be no second guessing.

Why do you need water barricades?

It is no secret cars have jumped sidewalks and curbs. You watch the news. To clarify, the barricades are used to keep pedestrians safe and shield those in potential harms way. A car going at top speed that loses control could be a disaster waiting to happen. However, a durable water barricade is a must to avoid any potential catastrophe that could happen. Given that safety measures continue to become stricter, the necessity of a quality water barricade has become essential. There is no skimping out on safety measures here. Otherwise, using an inferior water-barricade could result in consequences such as loss of human life. In other words, avoid this by staying away from a lesser quality barricade.

Examples of water-filled barricade use include:

  • Walls

  • Type III barricade

  • Stadiums & Arenas

  • Sporting events (big or small)

  • Security Mazes

  • Road blocks to force traffic flow in a different direction

  • Short and long term work zones

  • Fence Applications

  • Plus many more!

Fun fact: we have the most FHWA acceptances in the industry!

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