Restroom Rental | special events. The Rent A Throne Porta Potty is a great choice for construction & special events. No matter how big or small your project or event, Rent A Throne has you covered.  There is no reason to look elsewhere once you’ve used this portable toilet rental.

We have plenty of options for rentals.

These would include:

  • High Rise Restroom
  • Private High Rise Restroom
  • Porta-Throne Restroom
  • ADA Compliant Restroom
  • Steel Hoist Restroom

What makes our portable toilet rental different from your standard porto john or “VIP” portable bathroom?

Our Portable Toilet is a single-unit restroom facility. It has one toilet and one urinal. In terms of size, this portable bathroom rental will be a convenience rather than a nuisance. A different portable potty rental will make you feel cramped and provide you with that uncomfortable claustrophobic feeling.  Our porta thrones are very spacious unlike other porta johns. Who in their right mind wants to feel like that? Don’t you want to take care of business without feeling agitated because you are using an inferior porta potty?

As a spacious and single-stall restroom, it can be used individually or alongside other equipment. In addition, a hand washing station is an option if you prefer not to use hand sanitizer, which we offer as well. The best thing about it is that you have multiple options. Instead of being limited to a competitor’s overpriced and over-hyped porta potty that will disappoint and hurt your wallet tenfold, make the right choice and choose us. Fewer headaches equate to a better overall experience when it comes to a porta potty rental.

It’s the best single-stall portable restroom rental out there.

Porta Potty Rental | special events

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