Rent A Throne’s hand washing sinks provide that at home feel as you wash your hands following your use of a porta potty. It is as if you are in the comfort of your own bathroom washing your hands. Despite our portable toilets featuring high quality hand sanitizer dispensers, sometimes it is just easier to have a separate station for people to wash their hands. Above all, we want to make everything as easy as possible for you. That means providing you with the best hand washing station on the market, leaving you satisfied and wanting to rent again and again.

Three things we can all agree on when hosting an event or attempting to equip a construction site with a hand washing sink:

(1) lines waste time

(2) hygiene is non-negotiable

(3) comfort is king

Our 22-gallon portable sinks handle both. Each unit is equipped with two sinks that collectively provide enough water for 300 washes, sometimes more. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with two paper towel dispensers, two liquid soap dispensers and two foot pedal pumps. This is to ensure good hygiene is not only an easy choice, but the only choice for you to make when renting a portable hand sink.

Other companies offer inferior hand washing sinks and hand washing stations that just don’t get the job done. Their units hold less water, leading to refill after refill with water, adding to your costs. Servicing and repairs are commonplace during the duration of your rental. Wouldn’t you rather set it and forget it? Isn’t it so much better when safety, hygiene, comfort and affordability all correspond with one another?

That is what you get with a Rent A Throne hand washing station. An affordable sink that keeps the line moving while keeping hygiene in check.

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