Trailer Toilet System

The King’s Throne Trailer Toilet System is a Rent A Throne exclusive product and service. Unlike other companies, this trailer toilet system is meant to not be tended to on the regular. Just think of it as set it and forget it. With over 300 flushes and expansive waste and freshwater tanks, you will have to pay for less servicing on the system. Whereas the competitor will install smaller tanks leading to less flushes before needing a service. Our waste tank can hold upwards of 175 gallons of waste, coupled with a 125 gallon fresh water tank. It is the best combination out there. In fact, this combination is the best bang for your buck and NO ONE can compare. Afraid of everything freezing because of the cold? We offer complimentary winterization so there will never be any issues, especially on the wallet.

Besides easy on the wallet, is our trailer toilet system easy on your body and mind?

The trailer toilet system is the perfect fit for your upscale event in New York. On a construction site and are in the need for a quality bathroom system for your office trailer? This beautiful office restroom trailer features private, spacious, as well as climate-control accommodations. Additionally, as stated before, it has our top-of-the-line trailer waste system. Furthermore, features include porcelain stools, urinals, and stainless sink basins. Soft music and a well illuminated interior add to the ambience. Our suite provides unexpected comfort and convenience for your guests. After your first use, that unexpected feeling goes away. You will never want to have a different bathroom experience again once you’ve sat on the throne. The King’s Throne Trailer Toilet System.

View the PDF to check out more details about the tank and toilets for the trailer.

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