High-Rise Restroom

Designed specifically for high-rise construction sites, this portable toilet can be lifted by crane to whichever floor it’s needed on.

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Working in high rise construction? Looking for the same feeling you would have with a standard porta potty rental? Rent A Throne’s High-Rise Restroom for construction are the way to go!

Rent A Throne’s high-rise restrooms are the perfect way to get a portable bathroom to any floor of a high rise. You can maneuver this portable toilet very easily through doorways, and can be lifted by crane. It is equipped with a durable crane sling, heavy-duty casters (wheels) and has five handles. As a matter of fact, relocation could not be easier. Finding a unit with smooth as silk wheels can be a challenge. Equally as challenging is finding a high-rise restroom with a heavy duty hook so it can be transported by crane. It is important to realize how vital these simple things are for a high rise unit, regardless if private or not. Being able to relocate the high rise potty is a must throughout the stages of high rise construction.

You will not find more cooperative high rise restrooms on the market. That is the Rent A Throne guarantee. 

Do I have to sacrifice comfort with a Rent A Throne High-Rise Restroom?

In spite of the high rise porta potty’s slender appearance, it does not sacrifice comfort. Coupled with a non-flush toilet AND a urinal, the high rise unit gives the person space, making the portable toilet experience one to remember. Despite its high-rise functionality, this potty maintains a flawless experience. No matter where the unit is in the building, you will have the same experience every time you use it. 

Once you use a Rent A Throne high rise portable toilet on your site, you will not want to go back to an inferior unit.


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Each portable toilet rental includes two rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and is squirted with deodorizing liquid to ensure a fresh and clean smell inside your portable toilet rental.

High-Rise Restroom

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53" L x 33” W x 69” H


69” H


33” W


53" L

Service is always a part of our rental agreements. This means once a week we wash your unit, restock the supplies, and pump the waste tank. Our units are all winterized for cold weather, too. 

*This unit is serviced by a special technician due to its crane sling.

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