High-rise Restroom

Designed specifically for high-rise construction sites, this portable toilet can be lifted by crane to whichever floor it’s needed on.

Product Details

Rent A Throne’s high-rise restroom is the perfect way to get a portable bathroom to any floor of a high rise. Equipped with its durable crane sling, heavy-duty casters (wheels), and five handles, this portable toilet can be maneuvered very easily. With its narrow construction, it can be moved through doorways too, unlike traditional portable restrooms.

Additional information


53" L x 33” W x 69” H


69” H


33” W


53" L

Service is always a part of our rental agreements. This means once a week we wash your unit, restock the supplies, and pump the waste tank. Our units are all winterized for cold weather, too.

*This unit is serviced by a special technician due to its crane sling.

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