Steel Hoist

Steel Hoist Restroom

Need a full-size portable restroom that can also be crane lifted where you need it to go? Look no further.

Product Details

Our steel-hoist, sling-fitted construction restrooms all come retrofitted with a plastic skid support and galvanized steel legs for safe and easy crane lifting. This make these restrooms popular amongst roofers and high-rise construction workers. An investment in a crane-ready portable restroom is an investment in saving workers’ time spent traveling to and from distant bathrooms. Reduce inconvenience and increase productivity with our hoist-ready restrooms.

Additional information

Service is always a part of our rental agreements. This means once a week we wash your unit, restock the supplies, and pump the waste tank. Our units are all winterized for cold weather, too.

*This unit is serviced by a special technician due to its crane sling.

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