Security Booth Guard Shed

Security Guard Booths

This portable security guard booth (or portable ticket booth) is the perfect solution for carnivals, concerts, sporting events and the likes!

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A security booth guard shed is an essential portable room for a big time event. It is also a key component to providing the necessary security on a massive job site.

Hosting a special event?

When hosting an event in which you are admitting guests, the proper ticket booth is a necessity. Rent A Throne’s toll booth is a spacious structure that makes the security guard or whoever is guarding the gates feel comfortable while doing their job. With the proper height and leg room to make any individual feel welcome, the guard house booth is one of the many quality portable units that Rent A Throne has to offer when running special events.


Does your job site have a security booth guard shed?

On a massive job site and need the best security booth? Look no further than Rent A Throne’s guard shed. This guard booth is shell only, so it is without a urinal or toilet. However, without either in the booth, it provides plenty of space for your security guard to do his/her job. This while doing so to the best of their ability. Easy opening doors help avoid the struggle of having to get in and out of the unit, while the overall comfort allows your security guard to remain focused with the task at hand. The security booth shed’s 360 degree vantage point allows the individual inside of the booth to be able to see all around without having anything out of view.


Can it withstand the elements?

Our security guard booth shed is also weather resilient! Rain or Snow? No problem! Blizzard like conditions approaching? Bring it on! Our booths will withstand mother nature’s best shots and then some. This is the most important thing, because the last thing you need is a leaking ceiling or a lack of insulation when temperatures reach below freezing.

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Security Booth Guard Shed

Security Guard Booths

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53" L x 33” W x 69” H


69” H


33” W


53" L

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