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temperature screening kiosk
Each portable toilet rental includes two rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and is squirted with deodorizing liquid to ensure a fresh and clean smell inside your portable toilet rental.
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No-Contact Body Infrared Thermometer Display/Kiosk with Face Recognition and IR Thermal Scanner Mask Detector

Additional information

Service is always a part of our rental agreements. This means once a week we wash your unit, restock the supplies, and pump the waste tank. Our units are all winterized for cold weather, too. 

*This unit is serviced by a special technician due to its crane sling.

Product Details


Facial Recognition Access Control Security LCD Infrared body temperature scanner with Face Recognition Detection

Temperature Screening Kiosk FEATURES:

1. Industrial-grade appearance, featuring a waterproof and dustproof design. Stable and reliable.
2. 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display.
3. Has a 30,000 face database. The 1:1 comparison recognition rate is over 99.7%, the 1: N comparison recognition rate is over 96.7% @ 0.1% false recognition rate, and the biopsy detection accuracy rate is 98.3% @1% false rejection rate. The speed of face recognition is less than 1 second.
4. Supports accurate face recognition and comparison.
5. Using industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared, LED dual fill light.
6. Supports optional Rockchip RK3288 quad-core processor, Rockchip RK3399 six-core processor and Qualcomm MSM8953 octa-core processor, with strong performance.
7. Supports human body temperature detection and temperature display. The best body temperature detection distance is at approximately one foot and eight inches. With the farthest reading detection at about three feet and four inches. This additionally features an automatic alarm of body temperature abnormality, second-level detection speed and attendance temperature measurement data.
8. Supports various peripheral expansion such as an ID card reader, fingerprint reader, QR code reader, etc.
9. Supports system level, APP offline level, APP + background network level API connection, complete documentation and support secondary development.


Highly Accurate Symptom Screening

When it comes to accuracy, the Temperature Screening Kiosk leaves little doubt. It reads within a +/-0.9 degrees Fahrenheit variance. Moreover, individuals can keep a safe distance from one another, since the scanner can read from 3 feet, 4 inches back. Easily set a threshold temperature from anywhere between 50 degrees Fahrenheit up to 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit. An 8-in (800 x 1280) LCD screen projects result in crisp text and graphics. Furthermore, when paired with an industrial-class, 2-megapixel binocular camera and a thermal imaging module, plus an LED and IR dual floodlight, the temperature scanner can detect temperature and faces even in poor lighting conditions.

Fast, Contact-free Temperature Reading With Temperature Screening Kiosk

In case a sick individual does attempt entry, you should avoid skin-to-device contact. For this reason the Temperature Screening Kiosk requires zero contact with the device. For added protection, the base features an antimicrobial powder finish for the purpose of repelling organisms that can make you sick. The scanner is so fast, it reads an individual’s temperature in approximately 1 second. In the event that an abnormal body temperature registers, an automatic alarm will activate. If it reads above your temperature threshold, the employee should not be entering and should be sent home.

Temperature Screening Kiosk Additional Access Control Features

The Temperature Screening Kiosk offers additional features that may be enabled if your facility manages an access control system. Therefore, integration set-up is a requirement and features full customer control.
Live Facial recognition: The Temperature Screening Kiosk comes with the ability to scan for facial recognition that matches an employee. Also, this kiosk features facial recognition that can even process face-with-mask recognition. In short, this is ideal for essential healthcare workers or employees entering your building wearing a face mask for extra protection.
Supplemental Peripherals: Expand gate passage via the kiosk with peripherals such as ID card readers and fingerprint readers that interact with your access control system (although this requires additional integration.)

Temperature Screening Kiosk Base Options

The Temperature Screening Kiosk comes in three variations to meet multiple health screening locations. Even though there are additional variations, the following same core features are included:

  • Direct power unit in which you plug into a power outlet
  • 8-inch device screen with LED status bar
  • Camera
  • Bundled software
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Temperature and facial recognition
  • Anti-microbial silver powder coat finish

Standard Pedestal Kiosk: The pedestal kiosk includes the scanner device mounted on a 60-inch, silver pedestal base. For added protection, the base is coupled with an antimicrobial powder finish for the purpose of repelling organisms that can make you sick. It also comes with a direct power unit, as well as all the other core features noted above.

Note: Due to the special-order nature of all of our temperature screening kiosks, we are unable to cancel orders after they have been placed. Temperature kiosks are ineligible for returns, except in the event that the unit needs warranty repairs or replacement.

The Temperature Screening Kiosk is beneficial in any business or public environment. It is particularly ideal for entry points, access gates to buildings, school campuses, healthcare clinics or hospitals, community events or public venues, hotels, retail stores, and transportation hubs. While temperature screening is applicable to any industry under COVID-19 symptom assessment guidelines, it is critically important to:

– Manufacturing and Construction
– Retail
– Healthcare
– Senior Care
– Government Facilities
– Schools and other large venues that additionally expect to have a lot of people inside with the inability to practice social distancing

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