Tips For A Successful Service Business

If success is a wheel that you must keep turning, then service and  products are the engine that drives it. Although these can be your two  main expenses in terms of time and money, nothing helps the bottom line  more than investing in great service and quality products.

Service is about planning, consistency and execution. You  have to plan a service schedule with your customer before you close the  deal. Customers may try to save money by cutting back on service  schedules. However, this is one area where the customer is not always  right. You are the expert, and you need to make them believe it by  showing credentials such as PSAI membership or the Portable Restroom  Unit Estimator, available from the PSAI. If you agree to a  lower-than-needed service plan, your customer may blame you when  restroom users complain. Your customer may believe your company’s  service caused the problem rather than his approach to cost savings.  When your reputation is on the line, make certain that service schedules  are appropriate for the customer’s needs.

Consistency requires well-trained service people and  deodorant products that do their job. PolyJohn offers a free service  video that can help you train your employees to do things the right way  every time. Make sure management makes frequent and unannounced spot  checks on units in the field. Then reward your best service people with  inexpensive promotions like gift certificates or Employee of the Month  recognition plaques.

In service, it’s the little things that count. People won’t  notice that your unit is clean; they expect that. However, they will  notice if the mirror sparkles, the graffiti is gone, and the unit always  smells fresh. One trick for being noticed is to change the fragrance in  your tank deodorizer each month. People won’t notice if it always  smells the same because their noses will get used to it. They will  notice a new smell; they’ll think you’ve done extra work. One fragrance  costs the same as another, so be sure to keep several on hand and rotate  them.

Your equipment, restroom units, sinks, tanks, etc., should be  of the finest quality. Don’t pretend that your customers can’t tell the  difference. Many of the bargain units out there are flimsy; they feel  cramped inside and take longer to clean because of tank and surface  design. You could save a few dollars in the short run by purchasing  inferior units; but if they last half as long, and your customers don’t  like them, you’ll pay the difference many times over in lost business  and replacement costs. You’ll also find that if your competitors use an  inferior product, it will be easier to sell against them. Your customers  are happy to pay a few extra dollars a month for the security of  knowing that they won’t disappoint their own customers, guests, or  employees with inferior restroom facilities.

Choosing Hauling and Pumping Options that are Right for You

In the pumper truck business, the truck is your biggest  investment. Be sure that you invest wisely and look at the truck as a  long-term asset. Lease or buy… purchase new trucks or used… these  are questions to discuss with your accountant. However, make sure that  your truck capacity is large enough to handle your routes and your  dumping schedule.

Your truck is the second most visible symbol of your company.  Since the portable restroom business is about supplying clean,  sanitized facilities, your truck should reflect your service values. It  should be clean, waxed and well-maintained. Service drivers should  always clean up the truck at the end of each shift. Trucks don’t have to  be new to look good. Dents can be pulled out, rust spots painted, hoses  replaced and the tank jet-sprayed. Your truck is a rolling billboard  and a great source for free advertisement if it looks good and has your  company name and phone number written clearly on all sides.

A poorly maintained truck with a faulty exhaust system will  have your customers wondering whether you will maintain their rental  units. So make sure you keep your trucks on a routine maintenance  schedule with a qualified mechanic. Explain to the mechanic how  important your truck is to your business. Keep your vehicles clean.  Truck washing services are an inexpensive way to maintain your image on  the street.

Never allow a restroom to go unserviced because of a problem  with your truck. Plan ahead for truck breakdowns so it won’t be  disastrous to your business. If you are a small operator with only one  or two trucks, find a resource in your area who will rent you a truck on  short notice. There may be a septic operator in your area who is not a  competitor and will rent you his truck at night. Or build a working  relationship with another portable sanitation company in another town  out of your service area so you can back each other up.

Be sure your trucks are properly insured and your drivers  have been fully trained, licensed, and given clear instructions on what  to do in case of an accident. When it’s your truck and your employee,  you are responsible.